About Al Mohannad
Al Mohannad for Plastic industry was established in 2009. The company is specializes in the manufacture of printed and non-printed plastic cups in all sizes and shapes from plastic sheet of one layer or multilayer. To the fact that most of our customers are food producers such as dairy producers, ice-cream producers and water cups that their productions need special care, so we have developed our productions and services to gain reputation and permanent response to the conditions of public health and safety.
Our purpose is to win our customers' trust and appreciation by the productions with the international standards. Al Mohannad Company is considered one of the most important and most prominent in the region, which produces printed and non-printed plastic cups from the healthy (polypropylene) which is authorised by ministries of health around the world and concerned to food, dairy, drinks, and water cups in all sizes and shapes.

Al Mohannad Company is proud of the excellence and the high quality of its productions, and its interest of the exact details and its unique services. The company is also characterised by the possibilities to fulfil all your needs and wishes of cups with all sizes and quantities wherever you are in The Middle East and The Whole World. Our staff is ready to deliver our products our customers at the time and the place we work hard to satisfy our customers' wishes for all quantities and sizes which their products require. Also ready to advice with the best cups resolutions as speed as possible.